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Admissions and Enrollment

We invite you and your family to start the registration process at Silver Sands Montessori Charter School by scheduling a tour of the campus and facilities. Personalized tours allow us to provide you with a first-hand experience of our school in action. It also lets us focus our time and attention to answering your specific questions and concerns.


*2023-2024 Open Enrollment*


Beginning Wednesday, January 4th, the 2023-2024 Student Enrollment Interest Form will be available (also available at the school). You may submit the completed form by email, fax, or mail to Silver Sands Montessori Charter School, 1841 Whitney Mesa Drive,  Henderson, NV 89014, or email application to: If you have any questions concerning enrollment or the registration form please contact Ms. Danette at:

Age Requirement for Kindergarten 2023-2024 school year: Last year, the Nevada Legislature passed legislation that changed the minimum age for children to start school. Students will need to be at least five years of age by the first day of school to enroll in kindergarten (for Silver Sands Montessori that date is August 7, 2023). 

The Student Enrollment Interest Form (<=click here) is required to start the enrollment process.  A Spanish version of the Student Enrollment Interest Form can be found here (Spanish Form). Silver Sands Montessori Charter School will maintain a goal of keeping families together, whenever possible. Therefore, placement priority is given first to the currently enrolled students of Silver Sands Montessori Charter School, then to siblings of enrolled students. If there are more siblings than openings we will go to a lottery system. After we have completed this process we will open the enrollment to the public, using the enrollment and lottery process as follows: 

Enrollment forms will be accepted during an enrollment window beginning January 4th.  If the number of enrollment seekers is greater than the number of openings, a lottery will be conducted after the close of the enrollment window to determine the order that the students will be enrolled and the waiting list enrollment order of the remaining students.  Enrollment forms received after the enrollment window will be added to the waiting list, but they will not be assigned an enrollment order number. If needed, another lottery will be conducted to determine the order numbers and they will be added to the waiting list and contacted in that order.  

Parents/guardians will be contacted in the order established by the lottery/enrollment description. If the parent/guardian is still interested in attending the charter school, they will be asked to complete the registration process.

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