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Silver Sands Montessori Charter School is the only tuition-free school in southern Nevada providing education in a Montessori environment, while adhering to Common Core standards and subject to state testing. A Montessori Environment teaches to the whole child, in a stimulating and safe multi-age class setting, that allows for movement, hands-on learning, individual responsibility and choices. Our goal is to prepare children for life through community, character building and an environment of mutual respect.

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School Communications- [Updated 7-03-2020] 

*7-03-2020: SSMCS COVID-19 Update [School Messenger]

*6-11-2020: SSMCS COVID-19 Update [School Messenger]

-Lifetouch Yearbook Letter 6-11-2020

*6-08-2020: SSMCS COVID-19 Update [School Messenger]

*5-21-2020: SSMCS Update- PickUp/Return Schedule [School Messenger]

*5-14-2020: NDE Statewide Educational Technology Survey [School Messenger]

       -Parent Survey (for parents of K-12 Nevada students)

        -Parent Survey Spanish Version (for parents of K-12 Nevada students)

*4-22-2020: SSMCS COVID-19 Newsletter [School Messenger]

*4-17-2020: Distance Spirit Week! [School Messenger/FB]

*4-02-2020: SSMCS COVID-19 Update [School Messenger]

*3-21-2020: SSMCS COVID-19 Update [School Messenger]

-Governor's Office Directive to Schools 3-20-2020

*3-19-2020: SSMCS COVID-19 Update [School Messenger]

-NV Dept. of Education COVID-19 Letter:Family Resources

    - In Spanish

*3-18-2020: SSMCS Middle School Letter to Parents [School Messenger]

*3-17-2020: SSMCS COVID-19 Update [School Messenger]

*3-15-2020: Update on School Closure [School Messenger]

*3-15-2020: Governor Closes NV Schools [School Messenger]
*3-13-2020: SSMCS COVID-19 Update [School Messenger]

*3-02-2020: A Note from the Health Office [Note Sent Home]

Resources- [Updated 5-21-2020]

-Governor: Declaration of Emergency Directive- re: Schools.015 4-28-2020

-Resources in Southern NV [by American Heart Association] 

-Food Distribution Information **Site Updated 5-15-2020** 

-Cox Communication COVID-19 Response (Connect2Compete Service) 

-*State's COVID-19 Update Website: Nevada Health Response*

-Governor Sisolak's Announcement: 4-01-2020 [Posted on]

-Governor: Declaration of Emergency Directive- re: StayAtHomeOrder.010 3-31-2020

-Governor: Declaration of Emergency Directive- re: Schools.005 3-20-2020

-Governor: Declaration of Emergency Directive- re: Schools 3-15-2020

-NV Dept. of Education COVID-19 FAQs for Families

    - In Spanish

-CDC- Handwashing Videos: Clean Hands Saves Lives

FAQs During COVID-19

2019-20 School Supply Lists

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2019-20 School Year Calendar

School Starts August 12

NV School Ratings Report

The Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF) is an annual summary of school performance developed by Nevada stakeholders. The NSPF meets State and Federal policy requirements and provides each school level with a unique rating system. The NSPF is a compensatory accountability system made up of a series of Performance Indicators and Measures. This means that low performance in one indicator/measure can be made up for by high performance in another. Performance Indicators are broad general categories within the framework, while Measures are the building blocks of a Performance Indicator. Anchored on statewide performance expectations, schools earn points based on their performance on each Measure. These points are added together to produce an overall summative rating, or a Star Rating.

School performance ratings can be found through the Nevada Report Card website.

SSMCS Elementary NV School Rating Report 2018-19

SSMCS Middle School NV School Rating Card 2018-19


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